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Future Vision

               The market for a reliable U-Value Measurement System is substantial in just meeting the
               needs of existing Energy Auditing and Facility Management contractors, alliance
               partners and customers. But the long-term opportunity is to introduce an affordable
               permanent system providing real time energy-use data to all Alliant customers via their
               log-in billing account. By introducing greenTEG technology, we make a positive step
               toward realizing that opportunity.

               Step one is to build on momentum created through demonstrations as described
               above. Concurrently, the next step is to refine the software platform, so data output
               can be integrated with existing Alliant software so that real-time U-Value data is
               graphically illustrated to reveal energy loss and the associated costs along with options
               to remedy.

               Imagine online digital smart meters for each
               customer that sends real-time messaging alerts
               referencing performance anomalies with links to
               options for improvements that are cross-referenced
               with solution options along with models and
               incentives for financing. This would position Alliant
               Energy as a global technology leader and open
               new avenues for revenue generation.

               As more diverse models for generation and service delivery emerge, Alliant can then
               build around a core capability of providing real-time U-Value sensor-output data
               models that are universally recognized for accuracy and reliability

               Both greenTEG and GreenPortal are dedicated to this mission and only seek to align
               with existing Alliant Energy people and programs in a mutual effort to fulfill a vision for
               sustainable energy practices that are already part of the culture of Alliant Energy.

               To start, all that is needed is to arrange an effective demonstration date, time, and
               venue. Then engage senior Alliant Energy decision makers to participate in a way that
               can forward the vision presented in this conceptual proposal. To do that we need to
               coordinate people, purpose and timing. It is hoped this conceptual proposal will be
               reviewed and a follow up meeting scheduled to prepare for the proposed
               demonstration in early 2018.

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