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               We are suggesting a way for even a non-technical person to walk into
               a room, unpack the Demonstration Kit, place sensors as required, turn
               on nodes and gateway, then with a tablet or even a smart phone see
               visually U-Value, and associated energy waste, costs, as well as cost-
               justified solutions.
                                                                              U-Value Measurement Kits
                                                                              The initial market is to provide
                                                                               U-Value Measurement Kits to
                                                                              energy auditors and others who
                                                                              deliver energy management
                                                                              solutions for commercial,
                                                                              educational, municipal, and
                                                                              residential customers. Energy
                                                                              waste from existing buildings,
                                                                              especially those built before 1980,
                                                                              is the largest cost both to owners
                                                                              and the environment. Kits can be
                                                                              purchased, leased, or rented. The
                                                                              business case for this is straight
                                                                              forward. The question is who is to

                                                                               be the supplier.
               Coordination Thoughts
               Our proposal, assuming a successful demonstration, is to work with Alliant to introduce
               the U-Value Demonstration Kit to existing Alliant contractors, facility managers and
               others engaged in energy auditing. For example, a Power House TV episode could
               show the demonstration, interview experts, and suggest ways for obtaining U-Value
               Measurement Kits. Other educational and related sustainability programs could also be
               vehicles to inform.

               We have introduced our concept to a local HERS rater and to HACAP, who are a DOE
               auditing contractor, both are enthusiastic about the potential for an easy to use
               reliable U-Value and AW measurement system. We also introduced this concept to
               Jones, Lang & La Salle, a global property management firm who have requested a
               demonstration when we are ready.

               We have a working alliance with Rich Hackner, an Energy Consultant and a Director of
               GDS Associates, a North American Energy Consulting and Engineering firm with a
               Regional office in Madison. Rich is current chairman of the ASHRAE Smart Buildings
               Committee, and a potential ally in both validating and implementing an Alliant
               supported project. In addition, we have a business alliance with Inteconnex, a Cedar
               Rapids based company implementing physical security and related facility
               management services who can provide technical resources if needed.
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