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               Components of the U-Value demonstration kit

               greenTEG patented micro thermopiles form the core for U-Value

               measurement.  The GreenTEG demonstration kit uses a heat flux

               sensor along with temperature and humidity sensors as standardized in
                 ISO 9869, ASTM C1046 and ASTM C1155. This is the only method which
                  delivers reliable quantitative in-situ information about a building
                 envelope. It is conveniently packaged to speed energy audits and
               provide reliable data to cost-justify solution investments.

                                          Sensor Nodes are placed inside and outside a building for
                                          accurate U-value, R-value, and AW-value measurement:

                                          • U-value in compliance with ISO 9869
                                          • Monitor humidity and temperature inside as well as outside.
                                          • Building moisture measurements
                                          • Dew point monitoring on wall surface (AW-value)
                                          • Real time data monitoring via cloud application
                                          • All data is presented in a structured report
                                          • Simple data management and cost control
                                          • Highest data security can integrate with Alliant portal
                                          • Works with any internet-ready device

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