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               GreenPortal is an organization founded by Tom Simon, for research and development
               of innovations in sustainable energy management. For several decades, Simon has
               spearheaded projects with Iowa State University, the State of Iowa, UPS, Xerox, H-P, IBM,
               Litton Industries, and others that have been on the leading edge of advanced
               technology solutions built around sustainability. Websites include: MyTown.Center,

               Simon has also worked in academia to build student teams around energy
               management innovations. Because of these efforts he developed a model for
               measuring energy transmittance using infrared thermopile sensors integrated into a wi fi
               mesh network to transmit energy data to a cloud based analytics platform. It was while
               researching manufacturing partners to build his system that Simon was introduced to
               greenTEG. Recognizing greenTEG’s scientific credentials, existing technology and
               manufacturing expertise, Simon sought to build a partnering relationship for mutual

               The greenTEG system described in this proposal represents the pinnacle of global
               sophistication in heat flux sensor technology. GreenPortal’s role as a preferred
               distribution partner can provide Alliant Energy with local access to direct interaction
               with greenTEG technology and expertise in energy management physics applied to
               commercial, municipal, educational and health care campus, as well as residential


               Alliant Energy offices in Cedar Rapids, Iowa and Madison, Wisconsin have substantial
               resources in people, programs, facilities, and technology as well as strategic alliances
               with others committed to innovative energy solutions and sustainability.  Alliant has
               taken a leadership position to introduce new products like smart metering, electric
               vehicle charging and solar power generation. Alliant has a long history helping
               customers reduce energy waste and devotes significant resources in educating and
               supporting customers with energy audits and financial incentives to invest in energy
               saving improvements for both new and existing buildings.

               Our proposal is to first demonstrate and then introduce significant advancements in
               speed and accuracy for precise measurement of energy loss along with real time
               analytics that simplify existing methods to cost justify and implement energy saving
               improvements. We can work directly with people like Jillian Walsh, Timothy Wisor and
               Anna Darling to first demonstrate and then introduce the world’s most advanced U-
               Value measurement technology that is uniquely standardized around ISO 9869, ASTM
               C1046 and ASTM C1155 protocol.

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