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               The purpose of this proposal is to engage a demonstration of a first-in-the-world low cost system
               to measure and monitor real-time energy waste in commercial and residential buildings. The
               system was developed by greenTEG, a spin-off from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology
               (ETH), that manufactures, and markets thermal sensors for heat flux and laser power/position
               measurements for OEMs as well as scientists in corporate and university labs around the world.

               The GreenTEG system addresses  the problem of building-envelope energy waste, estimated at
               almost $600 Billion per year  , which also equates to almost 24 billion pounds of GHG wasted
               each year.  Providing customers with an easy way to accurately measure energy waste in real-
               time presents an extraordinary opportunity for Alliant Energy to be positioned as a global

               leader while increasing the value of its services to customers and significantly enhancing
               existing Alliant sustainability programs.

               What makes the greenTEG gO system unique in the world is its patented thermopile sensors,
               designed for scientific accuracy, that are integrated into a system providing real-time
               quantitative insulation data (i.e. U-value) of complete buildings and building components.
               Currently these values exist as invalidated specifications for individual building materials that
               degrade over time. The absence of real-time U-values for complete building profiles makes it

               harder to cost-justify investments that will reduce energy waste over time.

               The demonstration proposed for February 2018 will feature models for implementation that
               include methods to speed energy audits and reduce the complexity for customers in selecting
               and financing solutions to their specific energy management needs.  Alliant Energy could be
               the first utility in the world to introduce this system. This proposal suggests a business case for so


        1 In 2010, commercial buildings consumed 22 quadrillion BTU “quads” of energy, and residential buildings consumed 18 quads.
        Residences lost 7.37 quads in heating and 2.37 quads in cooling.  Commercial buildings lost 5.07 quads in heating and .74 quads in
        cooling.  Total energy lost in heating and cooling residential and commercial buildings in 2010 was 15 quads, 39% of the total energy
        consumed by those buildings (40 quads).“  Source: DOE Emerging Technologies Roadmap 2015
        2  15 quad/BTU per kWh X .12 per kWh.
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